Too Many Churches Are For Sale
Too Many Churches Are For Sale

We are fully aware that what we are doing needs to be empowered by the living and active presence of God. He must be in all we do. We also realize that we will be in the depths of enemy territory simply because we are involved in God's greatest loves - His bride the church and those who do not yet know about His love for them. Spiritual warfare will be a big reality that we will have to face. However, we are comforted in knowing that God is already active in the at – risk communities we are called to serve. Through prayer we can join with Him to do His works. 


Below is a general prayer list followed by downloadable Prayer Cards to help you pray intelligently for Connect Ministries. However, we hope you sign up for our newsletter so you will be updated on all the latest happenings so that you are better equipped to pray for us in a more detailed manner. Sign up today and support us in prayer! If interested in being part of our Prayer Team please contact us at - colin@connectministries.org and we will contact you on various ways you can pray for our work.


As for general prayer requests, they are as follows:


1. The Mission Of Connect Ministries

Pray to God to provide for all of our needs so we can be empowered through Christ to serve in His mission. Ask God to provide funding, volunteers, church partners, etc. to work with us in accomplishing the mission of God. Pray to the Holy Spirit to empower Connect Ministries and our mission wherever we serve. Ask God to work through us in developing a movement of young adults who are sold out for Jesus and his mission. Also, pray for our involvement in other countries as we hope to spread this missional movement globally.

2. The Leadership Of Connect Ministries

Pray that God will work through the Board as they oversee Connect Ministries. Also pray for Rev. Colin and Judith McCartney - that God will guide them as they lead this ministry. Pray safety over their lives and their family. Ask God to empower them as they live surrendered lives to His will.

3. Our Interns And The Antioch School Of Church Planting And Leadership Development

Pray that God will call the right Interns to serve at Connect Ministries. Ask God to work through them as they boldly create and do mission through churches and church plants in vulnerable communities. Pray for their safety and development as missional leaders.


Also, pray for our Interns and students involved in our school. That they will develop their leadership and character as well as theological knowledge while doing mission in the vulnerable church neighbourhoods they serve.

4. The Communities, Churches And Church Plants We Work With

Pray that God will grant favour on Connect Ministries and our partners as we serve in the vulnerable neighbourhoods we are located in. Ask God to provide us safety and resources to bless the "Missional Communities" we birth as well as the churches we work with and the church plants we are involved in producing as well as the communities we are active in.


Churches and communities to pray for in the GTA are as follows:


* Jane And Finch - Jane Finch Faith Community Church

* South Scarborough - Warden Woods Community Church

* South Etobicoke - Richview Baptist Church


Church and community to pray for in the Ottawa area:


* Vanier - The Village International Church


The McCartney's

McCartney Prayer Card.pdf
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One of the great tools we have found helpful in developing our prayer life is The Book Of Common Prayer. It is now available online  at - http://commonprayer.net. Feel free to use it as a guide in your prayer time alone with Jesus and when it states "Pray For Others" please pray for us!!!

"Connecting leaders to God's mission."