We begin 2017 with a bang as we jump into the Book of Acts & start a series entitled; "To Be Continued". Jesus intention is to bring the kingdom reign of God on earth as it is in heaven through you & I.  This is just Part One of a series on Acts that will continue throughout the next few years. 

Message 1: To Be Continued (Acts 1: 1 - 5)

Colin McCartney starts off our series on the Book of Acts where we learn how Jesus continues his mission today through his followers. 

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Jesus Training Chart
Chart that accompanies this message that outlines Jesus method of teaching / training we can use today.
Jesus Training Chart.pdf
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Message2: Kid Dynamite (Acts 1: 4 - 8)

Colin continues in sharing how Jesus' followers must not only have the Holy Spirit but must also be filled with the Holy Spirit to receive power to enact the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. 

Kid Dynamite.mp3
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Inspiring video used during message. 

Message 3: Authorized Personnel Only (Acts 1:8)

Being a witness doesn't require a PHD or a special certificate in witnessing. Colin McCartney shares that we can't help but become witnesses naturally when we are filled with the Holy Spirit supernaturally. 

Authorized Personnel Only.mp3
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Message 4: God's Game Plan (Acts 1: 9 - 26)

Steve Norton and Colin McCartney team up to share how God has an overall game plan for this world in bringing his kingdom come to earth and we are all part of it!

God's Game Plan.mp3
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Message 5: Visions, Dreams, Prophesy (Acts 2: 16 - 21)

Rev. Colin McCartney is back with a message based on Acts 2: 16 - 21 that reveals the need for Visionaries & Dreamers to lead Christ's church again. 

Visions Dreams Prophesy
Visions Dreams Prophesy.mp3
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Last Days Chart
Here is the chart used in the message describing the good news of the "last days".
Last Days Chart.pdf
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A Dreamer: Video used during message

Message 6: Make Some Noise!

Rev. McCartney speaks on Acts 2: 22 - 41 on how God is serious about our churches being parties. 

Make Some Noise!
Make Some Noise.mp3
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World vs God's Parties
Chart on how God's party must invade and transform the world's destructive parties.
World vs God Parties.pdf
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Description of Jesus used during the message.

Message 7: Devoted

How is your devotion meter? Rev. McCartney continues the series in Acts with a message entitled; "Devoted" based on Acts 2:42 - 47

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Message 8: The Kindness Of God On Display Through His Church

People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. In this message, Rev. McCartney shares on the importance of God's church displaying His kindness to a world that needs to accept His love. 

The Kindness Of God On Display
The Kindness Of God On Display.mp3
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Music video - "If Everyone Cared" - used at introduction of the message.

Message 9: Breaking Out Of Our Comfort Zone

Thankful to Germany for sending us Toronto Church Planter Jorge Wacker who challenges us to break out of our comfort zone in sharing the Gospel based on Acts 4: 23 - 36

Breaking Out Of Our Comfort Zone
Breaking Out Of Our Comfort Zone.mp3
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Message 10: Who Killed Ananias And Sapphira?

Often God is seen as the one who killed Ananias and Sapphira. In this message Rev. McCartney holds court concerning the scene of the crime and you may be surprised by what you hear. 

Who Killed Ananias And Sapphira
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What's So Good About Good Friday

In this message Rev. McCartney shares on the sufferings of Jesus that took place on Good Friday and why this horrific day in history is good at all.

Wht Do We Call It Good Friday?
Why Do We Call It Good Friday.mp3
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Video played before the message

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