Why Pray

In this message Colin tackles the question; "If God is in total control over everything why should we pray?"  Or,; "Is God in total control?"  Find out in this message.

Why Pray
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Trust God

In an age of stress we can trust God. In this message Colin shows how Jesus trusted the Father and how we too can trust God in all ways and in all things. 

Trust God
Message starts at 25:27 of recording.
Trust God.mp3
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Keep It Real

If we are to grow to be more like Christ we must "keep it real" by being honest with ourselves and God. In this message Colin addresses how we can grow in our relationship with God by comparing the typical unhealthy cycle most Christians find themselves in contrasted with the cycle of spiritual growth we need to commit to. 

Keep It Real
The message starts at 12:58 into the recording.
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PowerPoint Used In Message

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Jesus: The Prince Of Peace

"When Jesus told us to welcome the stranger I don't think he meant we should tear gas them at the border."  What does it mean to not only worship the Prince of Peace but to also be a follower of the Prince of Peace?  In this message Colin addresses the tough teachings of Jesus especially when it come to loving our enemies. 

Jesus: The Prince Of Peace
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Our One True Hope
Our One True Hope.mp3
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This Christmas Colin speaks on where do we truly base our trust on - politicians, money, power, people - or on Jesus our "One True Hope". Message starts 1:05 into the recording. 


Colin speaks on the wonderful challenge and exciting purpose of being salt and light from Matthew 5: 13 - 16.

Salt and Light
Salt And Light.mp3
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Colin speaks on the radical methods of Jesus in responding to injustice. Hold onto your hats and get ready for a ride as you realize Jesus wasn't passive but very active in his opposition to injustice.  

How To Respond To Injustice.mp3
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Do you worry? Do you struggle and lose sleep because you are stressed at what life throws at you?  In this message Colin invites two of his friends from Connect to join him in sharing a message on how to deal with worry. 

What Me? Worry
How to deal with the worries of life.
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Living For The Future

Are we looking forward or backwards? Are we thinking of ourselves or others? Are we living in the past or striving to shape a better tomorrow?  In this message Colin addresses our need to change for the sake of the future generations. 

Children Need The Touch Of Christ
Children Need The Touch Of Christ.mp3
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Worship Is Rebellion

Whenever we worship God we practice rebellion against the Empire. Worship connects us to the kingdom of God and strengthens us to stand up and against the Empire we live in. In this message Colin stresses a new take on what worship is and what it does for us as people of the kingdom living in this world. 

Worship Is Rebellion
Worship Is Rebellion.mp3
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Jesus Descended Into Hell?

The Apostles Creed states that Jesus descended into hell. What does this mean? In this message Colin speaks on the meaning of Jesus descending into hell. Colin's message starts at 55 seconds into the recording. 

Jesus Descended In to Hell?
Jesus Descended Into Hell.mp3
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Be An Answer To Jesus' Prayer Part One

This message starts at the 18:48 mark of the recording.

We pray asking Jesus to answer our prayers. Why not return the favor and answer Jesus' prayer that we would be one (See John 17). In this message Colin attempts to unwrap how we can answer Jesus prayer for oneness. 

Be An Answer To Jesus' Prayer Part One.m
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Be An Answer To Jesus' Prayer Part Two

This message starts at the 9:53 mark of the recording.

Colin continues on the topic of oneness in Christ based upon Part One of his message on "Be An Answer To Jesus' Prayer Part One".  

Be An Answer To Jesus' Prayer Part Two.m
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Holy Catholic Church Part 2 [Autosaved].
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How God Wants Us To Worship

When you ask fellow believers why they attend a certain church they often answer by saying; "I like the worship at my church".  But what about God?  What kind of worship does he want?  Listen to this message to find out.

How God Wants Us To Worship
How God Wants Us To Worship.mp3
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We have scoured the internet to find some past messages that Colin spoke. To see messages from 2017 scroll down. 

Jesus' Mission Statement

Jesus had a mission statement and it had a very strong emphasis on serving the poor and oppressed. In this message Colin reveals Jesus mission and challenges us to continue it through our lives. 

Jesus' Mission Statement
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Apart From Christ Nothing

Living the Christian life on our own strength is impossible. We must surrender to the influence of the living Jesus in us to make a difference. 

Apart From Christ You Can Do Nothing
Sunday Service - Apart From Christ You C
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God's Radical Remedy for A Sick Society

In this message Colin challenges us to be transformative agents of the kingdom of God. 

God's Radical Remedy For A Sick Society
You Are Salt Of Earth.mp3
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Where Is The Balm?

How can we have a positive impact in high risk neighbourhoods? Is there a solution to the struggles present in lour inner cities? In this message Colin shares how we can be a healing agent in the world we live in.

Where Is The Balm?
Where Is The Balm.mp3
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Good News: We Are All Failures

No one is perfect. We all screw up and make mistakes. The good news is that God works through mess ups like you and I. Colin shares how messed up we are and how God can deal with our messed up lives to make us into people of influence for the kingdom of God.

Good News: We Are Failures
We All Fail.mp3
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Dealing With Grief

Grief is a reality for us. Colin shares how God is present with us when we suffer from experiences of great grief. This message was born in the heat of the grief Colin has had to deal with over the years. 

Dealing With Grief
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We All Need Encouragement

The Bible tells us to; "Encourage one another daily as long as it's called today". How do we become encouaragers to each other? Listen to this message to find out how. 

We All Need Encouragement
We All Need Encouragement.mp3
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We begin 2017 with a bang as we jump into the Book of Acts & start a series entitled; "To Be Continued". Jesus intention is to bring the kingdom reign of God on earth as it is in heaven through you & I.  This is just Part One of a series on Acts that will continue throughout the next few years. 

Message 1: To Be Continued (Acts 1: 1 - 5)

Colin McCartney starts off our series on the Book of Acts where we learn how Jesus continues his mission today through his followers. 

To Be Continued.mp3
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Jesus Training Chart
Chart that accompanies this message that outlines Jesus method of teaching / training we can use today.
Jesus Training Chart.pdf
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Message2: Kid Dynamite (Acts 1: 4 - 8)

Colin continues in sharing how Jesus' followers must not only have the Holy Spirit but must also be filled with the Holy Spirit to receive power to enact the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. 

Kid Dynamite.mp3
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Inspiring video used during message. 

Message 3: Authorized Personnel Only (Acts 1:8)

Being a witness doesn't require a PHD or a special certificate in witnessing. Colin McCartney shares that we can't help but become witnesses naturally when we are filled with the Holy Spirit supernaturally. 

Authorized Personnel Only.mp3
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Message 4: God's Game Plan (Acts 1: 9 - 26)

Steve Norton and Colin McCartney team up to share how God has an overall game plan for this world in bringing his kingdom come to earth and we are all part of it!

God's Game Plan.mp3
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Message 5: Visions, Dreams, Prophesy (Acts 2: 16 - 21)

Rev. Colin McCartney is back with a message based on Acts 2: 16 - 21 that reveals the need for Visionaries & Dreamers to lead Christ's church again. 

Visions Dreams Prophesy
Visions Dreams Prophesy.mp3
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Last Days Chart
Here is the chart used in the message describing the good news of the "last days".
Last Days Chart.pdf
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A Dreamer: Video used during message

Message 6: Make Some Noise!

Rev. McCartney speaks on Acts 2: 22 - 41 on how God is serious about our churches being parties. 

Make Some Noise!
Make Some Noise.mp3
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World vs God's Parties
Chart on how God's party must invade and transform the world's destructive parties.
World vs God Parties.pdf
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Description of Jesus used during the message.

Message 7: Devoted

How is your devotion meter? Rev. McCartney continues the series in Acts with a message entitled; "Devoted" based on Acts 2:42 - 47

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Message 8: The Kindness Of God On Display Through His Church

People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. In this message, Rev. McCartney shares on the importance of God's church displaying His kindness to a world that needs to accept His love. 

The Kindness Of God On Display
The Kindness Of God On Display.mp3
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Music video - "If Everyone Cared" - used at introduction of the message.

Message 9: Who Killed Ananias And Sapphira?

Often God is seen as the one who killed Ananias and Sapphira. In this message Rev. McCartney holds court concerning the scene of the crime and you may be surprised by what you hear. 

Who Killed Ananias And Sapphira
Who Killed Ananias And Sapphira.mp3
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In this brief series Colin speaks on how we as the church are to bless the world & how we can bless the world.

Message 1: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Still Haven't Found What Looking For.mp3
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In this age of injustice, greed, oppression, etc Christians have a longing for the coming kingdom reign of God to be fully manifested in the world.   Starting with the iconic U2 song Colin shares how Christians, like Abraham, are called by God to bless the nations to become what God intended creation to be - "very good." 

Video played before the message 

Message 2: When The Going Gets Tough We Bless

Colin continues to speak on Abraham's calling to bless the nations & shares how we, like Abraham, have been called to bless in tough times. 

When The Going Gets Tough We Bless
When the Going Get Tough We Bless.mp3
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Message 3: Understanding The Times

Racism, the Alt Right & other forms of "isms" sadly are an ever present reality in our world today. In order to be people who bless the nations we need to understand the times in which we live in so we can know what we should do.

Understanding The Times
Understanding The Times.mp3
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Message 4: The Meaning Of Church

In this message Colin addresses what the true meaning of church is and how the Post - Christian North American Church needs to go from "Here" (struggling, dying church) to get to "There"  (Vibrant growing impactful church in our Post - Christian reality).

The Meaning Of Church
The Meaning Of Church.mp3
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PowerPoint From Message
Mission Of The Church Web Slide.ppt
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Good Friday Message: What's So Good About Good Friday

In this message Rev. McCartney shares on the sufferings of Jesus that took place on Good Friday and why this horrific day in history is good at all.

Wht Do We Call It Good Friday?
Why Do We Call It Good Friday.mp3
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Video played before the message


Message 1: Something Else Is Going On

In this message Colin explains his struggle with the violent depictions of God in the Old Testament & how he interprets these passages to reveal a holy God of both judgment & grace. 

Something Else Is Going On
Something Else Is Going On.mp3
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PowerPoint From Message
God Of OT 1.ppt
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This Christmas Colin speaks on where do we truly base our trust on - politicians, money, power, people - or on Jesus our "One True Hope". Message starts 1:05 into the recording. 

Our One True Hope
Our One True Hope.mp3
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"Connecting leaders to God's mission."